XO Digital Mini Toslink to Optical Cable - 1-10m

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Key Features

  • This optical wire is designed for DIGITAL audio connections it has a TOSlink connection on one side and a 3.5mm OPTICAL connection on the other (used for digital MP3 & CD players). It is perfectly suited for connecting Apple MacBook MacBook Pro or recent iMac or Mac Mini's to AV receivers and amplifiers providing pure digital clarity of sound.
  • This cable is designed to connect your equipment to amplifiers and AV receivers with digital audio in for surround sound and a better signal transfer than analogue. The XO optical audio cable is TosLink (digital audio out to optical in) and EIA-J compatible.
  • The XO digital audio cable connects from Blu-Ray DVD or CD player and other devices with mini-Toslink port to your AC receiver preamplifier audio system home theater system soundbar surround sound D/A Converters Dolby Digital DTS surround sound receivers MiniDisk players and recorders Pro Audio cards and many more.
  • The XO optical cord is made of high grade fibre optic core for the clearest most accurate digital audio transmission complete resistance against interferences and improvement in sound quality. High quality PVC jacket and strain-relief that provides flexibility. For this affordable price this is the best optical cable available.
  • Note: Mini Toslink cables are not able to convert digital signals into analogue signals or the other way round. The optical 3.5mm connector (Mini TOSLINK) is made for specific devices such as iMacs TVs and Notebooks which own an optical 3.5mm port. 2 years warranty.


XO Audio products‚ are made exclusively for‚ XO Platinum Brand‚ and are not available from other vendors. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in order to fulfill the high requirements of today's home cinema world. Optimal signal transfer is the basis for brilliant HD audio quality - this high-end cable is a guarantee for it.

The‚ XO Digital Mini Toslink to Optical Premium Install Series Cable‚ is designed to give you a smooth dynamic undistorted and clear performance for all your digital sound needs. Superb quality and appearance for all standard Optical audio requirements. The‚ XO Digital Mini Toslink to Optical Premium Install Series Cable‚ is designed specifically for today's high-performance home entertainment products. The cable is Toslink and EIA-J compatible and delivers highly accurate digital information. Constructed from a‚ High Grade Light Conductive Core‚ and insulated by a non-reflective White PVC dielectric to help reduce jitter and improve resolution.

High performance light signal transfer for digital audio high grade fibre optic core for accurate digital transmission our‚ XO Digital Mini Toslink to Optical Premium Install Series Cable‚ Toslink connector ensures connection integrity is immune from noise interference.

  • Designed for home theatres and professional AV installations.
  • Compatible with all optical Mini Toslink equipped devices which use the Mini Toslink connection.
  • Suitable for:‚ Mac Mini iMac Wii PS4 Xbox 360 Xbox one MacBook Pro and MacBook.
  • High grade fiber optic core for the clearest most accurate digital audio transmission.
  • Lengths Available: 1 to 10 Metres.
  • 2 Years (24 Months) warranty.
  • Designed in Oxford.

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