Cablesson 10m Ethernet Cable Cat7 LAN Cable With RJ45 - Black

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Key Features

  • Cablesson Cat7 Ethernet cable supports 600MHz bandwidth to connect to LAN / WAN and network devices at maximum speed. With this cat 7 network cable easier to guarantee high-speed data transmission for cloud storage server application online gaming online video streaming etc.
  • Compared with Cat5 100 MHz or Cat6 250 MHz the Cat7 LAN cable can support up to 600 MHz this high-speed cable not only can let you surf the net stream videos music and other data at high speed without worrying about cables causing a mess but also can save more time for you to do other meaningful things.
  • The Flat Ethernet cables are super flexible and much easier to manage when running under the carpet doors rotating arms and drawers or along walls. The flat design helps avoid tangled cords and saves space.
  • Suitable for Gigabit - networks 10 / 100 / 1000 MBit | to connect PC computer notebook game console DSL-modem switch router network sockets or patch panels Patchfield Powerlan NAS devices network printers within a 10/100/ 1000Mbit-networks
  • Cablesson cables are FTP (Foiled Twisted Pair) and these have a higher specification than UTP (Unshielded twisted pair). The comparison cannot be made between the two. Our cables will outperform the same spec. UTP cable in terms of speed interference and durability.


Cablesson came into existence in the world renowned city of Oxford United Kingdom and is led by a team of young tech-loving and innovative individuals. We are premier manufacturers of high-quality HIGH DEFINITION cables components and accessories for consumer electronics products. As a result, we continuously strive to give you the best combination of a valuable product and impeccable customer service.

Ugreen Cat7 network Ethernet cable is capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 10Gbps over 100m run of cable. Compared to the Cat6 network Ethernet cable the additional shielding and improved quality in twisting of the wires provides better protection from crosstalk noise and interference that can degrade the signal quality. Also known as a network cable computer cable Category 7 cable Ethernet cable Internet cable DSL cable or Data/LAN cable RJ45 patch cable Ethernet wire cord.
  • Compatible with all other ethernet category standards.
  • Strong and durable construction. UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair.
  • Flexible and easy to work with.
  • suitable for home networks Switch Modem Router PatchPannel.
  • Lengths Available: 1.64 to 65.62 Feet (0.5 to 20 Metres).
  • 2 Years (24 Months) warranty.
  • Designed in Oxford.

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