Octava TS- A11- UK- TOSLINK SPDIF Audio Converter

by Octava
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Key Features

Convert Toslink to Coax SPDIF Audio

Convert Coax SPDIF Audio to Toslink

Coax SPDIF and Toslink output simultaneously

Surround Sound 5.1 digital audio 2 Channel LPCM

Bi-directional conversion - Optical to Coax and Coax to Optical


The Octava TS - A11 - UK Digital Audio Converter allows bi-directional conversion between Optical and Coaxial digital audio (S/PDIF). Simply connect a Toslink or Coaxial audio cable from your audio source and connect either output to your audio system. Both Toslink and Coaxial (S/PDIF) audio are available on the outputs simultaneously - ideal if you wish to share your source to two audio systems. The Octava TS - A11 - UK Digital Audio Converter is an active (externally powered) device and regenerates the audio signal for best performance. LPCM stands for Linear Pulse Code Modulation. Sometimes you will see 20 bit LPCM or 24-bit LPCM or 24 bit uncompressed  on the disc cases. The more bits the higher the resolution and the better the sound. It encodes a single sound channel. It supports uncompressed 2-channel LPC digital audio signal output.

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