Octava HDSA51-UK 5 x 1 HDMI Audio Switch + Digital Audio Outputs (1080p, SKY HD, Virgin HD, Freeview HD, XBOX 360 PS3)

by Octava
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Key Features

v1.3 Deep Colour Supported Full 6.75 Gbps with 5 HDMI inputs and 2 Digital Audio outputs.

Easy to integrate with HDTV that only have DVI input also Works with HDMI or DVI-D HDCP-enabled HDTV

Supports high resolution video 480p 720i/p 1080i/p with Clear EYETM design optimizes HDMI signal transmission

Easy to switch 5 HDMI or DVI-D sources to one display and Smart SCAN TM algorithm intelligently selects the correct input.Approved by Wives and Kids!

Energy Smart. Auto standby mode when HDTV turns OFF LED dimming control for ultimate viewing.


The Octava HDSA51-UK 5 x 1 HDMI Audio Switch + Digital Audio Outputs enables you to switch up to five HDMI equipped Sources to a single HDMI Input on your AV Amp Display or Projector. The onboard audio processing allows you to decode HDMI audio signals up to DD/DTS 5.1 to the Optical or Coaxial Digital audio Output for simple connectivity to the Optical or Coaxial Input on your AV Amp. With fully Automatic Push Button and IR (Remote) source selection this very affordable HDMI switcher will provide seamless integration for Standard and High Definition source devices.

Small lightweight and supplied to our UK and Ireland customers with a 240v CE marked power supply these units are proving very popular with our many customers who own Displays TV's and Projector's with a single HDMI Input socket.

Designed with so many well thought out features this unitis a breeze to install and configure in your Home Theatre or AV set-up - you'll soon forget you even own one. The inbuilt HDMI 1.3 compliant 'Clear Eye' technology ensures your Source signals arrive at your Display in pristine condition.

The 'Clear Eye' technology allows you to use Output cables up to 15m without worrying about signal drop off over your Output cable run. The inbuilt 'Smart Scan' technology will Automatically select the newest Active source and Output it to your Display. Alternatively use the supplied 'Credit Card Size' remote or Front Toggle to select any one of your 'active' HDMI equipped Sources. With Discrete IR codes for each Input its very simple to 'Learn' and Integrate the Octava switch with your Programmable remote or Control system.

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