Octava HD41-ARC-UK - 4x1 HDMI ARC + Digital Audio switch - With TOSlink (Digital Optical) Audio Output (Audio Return Channel / 3D / CEC Support, v1.4) - IR , 1080p Full HD, SkyHD, Virgin, PS4, Xbox One

by Octava
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Key Features

Enables simple integration of ARC enabled Display with non-HDMI AV Amp (Sonos)

The Octava 4x1 HDMI switch +ARC is a complete HD video and audio switch solution designed to work with HDTV's with ARC(audio return channel) and your existing audio receiver system with Optical Audio Inputs.

The Octava 4x1 HDMI switch +ARC includes: 4 HDMI inputs 4 Optical Audio inputs 1 Optical Audio output 1 HDMI output with ARC support.

The Optical Audio Output can operate in 3 modes thus allow users total flexibility 1) convert HDMI Input source to Optical Audio Format 2) convert HDMI ARC from HDTV to Optical Audio Format 3) Switch directly from 4 Optical inputs to the Optical Output


The Octava 4x1 HDMI switch +ARC when used in the Optical switching mode the Optical source can be independent from HDMI source selection. For example you may view a video on the HDTV while listening to a different audio source via Optical Input.

Our proprietaryClear EYETM transmission line and ISI reduction design will IMPROVE the digital video signals.Smart ScanTM algorithm intelligently selects the correct HDMI source so you can enjoy the program instead of fumbling with the remote.

Switch 4 HDMI sources to 1 output
3D support 1080P
4 Optical Audio Inputs
1 Optical Audio Output
Optical audio modes 1:convert HDMI audio to optical output
Optical audio mode 2:convertHDMI ARCfrom HDTV to Optical Audio Format
Optical audio mode 3:Switch directly from the 4 Optical inputs to the Optical Output

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