Octava HD14CATDA-UK 1 x 4 HDMI Distribution Amp Over CAT 6 (1080p, SKY HD, Virgin HD, Freeview HD, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3, PS4, 3D)

by Octava
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Key Features

Supports Full HD (1080p) Deep Color lossless HD audio and is backwards compatible with first generation HDMI equipment. 3D compatible.

Fast switching minimises handshake period between sources

Non-blinking switching - no blinking when switching sources on linked zones

Non-blocking - enables any combination of source and display device to be selected

Clear Eye - ensures your source signals arrive at your display in pristine condition


The Octava HD14CATDA allows you to distribute a HD video source to 4 High Definition displays. The Octava HD14CATDA includes 1 HDMI output for connecting a local display and 3 dual CAT6 outputs for connecting to HD displays that may be placed up to30m(100ft) away. Infrared IR Routing over CAT6 allows IR control of the Source device.

The Octava HD14CATDA provides PoC (Power over Cable) to directly power the In-room Zone Receivers over the CAT6 cables allowing for a clean and compact installation.

CAT6 cables are inexpensive flexible durable and easily field terminated allowing installers to install the required length of cable and eliminating the technical and logistical problems associated with installing ‹Å“long HDMI cables. (Maximum HDMI cable length recommended 15m - good quality HDMI cable required).

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