Octava HD14CATDA/3 Distribution Amp + 2 Zone Receiver (CAT5/6) (1080p, SKY HD, Virgin HD, Freeview HD, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3, PS4, 3D)

by Octava
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Key Features

View HD Source on 4 Displays (on 3 ‹Å“Remote display devices + 1 Local HDMI output.) 3 Dual RJ-45 Extender Outputs.

Supports 1080p24 1080p60 1080p50 plus current consumer 3D formats.(EDID Management plus custom EDID via USB service port.)

PoC (Power over Cable) to directly power in-room Zone receivers via RJ-45 from the Splitter

Routed IR from remote Zones to control Source devices.

1 HDMI inputs 1 HDMI Output / 1 Zone Receiver (CAT5/6)


This 1x4 HDMI Distribution Amp is designed for Home and Professional installations requiring multiple Displays in multiple Zones with the ability to control the Source device using IR from each Zone. This kit comes with 2 Zone receiver and it can be used as a 1x3 Splitter and have the potentional to add one more zone receiver.The 1x4 HDMI Distribution Amplifier has 1 x HDMI Output for a ? ‚ Å¡ ¹ … local? ‚ Å¡ Display or AV Amp plus 3 x dual RJ45 Outputs for connecting to our PoC (Power over Cable) Zone Receivers. Our PoC Zone Receivers are powered by the Distribution Amplified so no unsightly/bulky ? ‚ Å¡ ¹ … wall wart? ‚ Å¡ to hide at the rear of your Display device.Connect the PoC Zone Receivers to the Distribution Amp using 2 x CAT5 or preferably CAT6 cables and deliver HDMI to your ? ‚ Å¡ ¹ … remote? ‚ Å¡ Display devices with an IR return path back to your Source from each Zone.The 1x4 HDMI Distribution Amp is housed in a 1U chassis which can be shelf wall or rack mounted! Wall and Rack mount fixing lugs are provided for easy integration in professional 19? ‚ Å¡ ? equipment racks or onto a vertical wall. A front panel 3.5mm socket enables hard wired IR control via the Optional 2m IR Receiver head.The inbuilt ? ‚ Å¡ ¹ … Clear Eye? ‚ Å¡ technology ensures your Source signals arrive at your Display devices in pristine condition. The ? ‚ Å¡ ¹ … Clear Eye? ‚ Å¡ technology allows you to use HDMI Output cables to Zone A up to 15m without worrying about signal drop over your HDMI cable run. A USB port is provided for loading of Custom EDID and Firmware modes should your system require them.

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