Octava 44UHDMX-UK - 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch with EDID Management - 4 Input 4 Output (4x4) Switch / Splitter - 1080p Full HD - Distribution Amplifier *** 3D ENABLED *** With Audio out, EDID Function, RS-232 Port and USB port for Firmware Updates ***

by Octava
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Key Features

Supports Full HD (1080p) Deep Color lossless HD audio and is backwards compatible with first generation HDMI equipment. 3D compatible.

Fast switching minimises handshake period between sources 

Non-blinking switching - no blinking when switching sources on linked zones

Non-blocking - enables any combination of source and display device to be selected

Clear Eye - ensures your source signals arrive at your display in pristine condition


The Octava 44UHDMX-UK is ideal for residential and commercial applications where you need to share multiple source devices to up to four locations. The 44UHDMX-UK allows you to route four HD sources to up-to four HD Displays while using the latest switching technology to provide very fast source switching. In addition to fast switching the 44UHDMX-UK is a non-blanking matrix with no 'blinking' of connected zones when you switch to or from the same source in multiple zones - a problem the majority of matrices suffer from. The 44UHDMX-UK incorporates sophisticated EDID management and a USB service port to ensure optimal compatibility with your Source and Display devices and offers the option of customised modes if required. an Optical Audio output is provided for integration with your audio system. RS232 serial interface is provide for integrating with third party control systems. Use the Front Panel controls or supplied Credit Card style remote to quickly select from up to four HDMI equipped Sources. The Switch will pass all common HD video formats Inc. 1080p 1080i 720p 576p 480p and is compatible will all current consumer 3D formats. A rear mounted IR socket allows you or your Installer to plug the optional IR Receiver 'Extender' head into the unit - ideal in an AV rack or discrete 'hidden' installation. A USB port is included to allow custom EDID modes to be downloaded to the matrix. Four pre-configured plus one custom EDID modes are accessed using a five position bank of DIP switch. The Matrix features dimmable LED source indicator lights when viewing in the dark and a USB port that enables simple and efficient PC based Firmware updates.

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