Mithra Display Port Cable with Locking

£44.99 GBP

Key Features

Connector: ABS with Snap on Connector with locking

Provides both digital video and audio in one cable with resolution up to 1080p

Smaller connector footprint than either DVI or VGA 

Supports HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection) with colour depth of 6 8 10 12 and 16 bits per component 

Length: 7.5 Metre / 7.5m DisplayPort Cable


Display Port is capable of carrying a high bandwidth digital audio and video signal.You can view movies and photos at 1080p and higher picture clarity on your computer monitor. The DP has a smaller connector footprint compared to DVI and VGA on your desktop unlike the HDMI Connectors. The Display Port cable comes with a latch to help secure your cable for optimum connectivity.

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