Mithra DisplayPort Cable - Locking Connectors | Male to Male | 1.5m-12m

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Key Features

  • Connector: ABS with Snap-on Connector with locking
  • Provides both digital video and audio in one cable with resolution up to 1080p
  • Smaller connector footprint than either DVI or VGA
  • Supports HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection) with a colour depth of 6 8 10 12 and 16 bits per component
  • Length: 7.5 Metre / 7.5m DisplayPort Cable


Display Port is capable of carrying a high bandwidth digital audio and video signal.You can view movies and photos at 1080p and higher picture clarity on your computer monitor.

The DP has a smaller connector footprint compared to DVI and VGA on your desktop, unlike the HDMI Connectors. The Display Port cable comes with a latch to help secure your cable for optimum connectivity.

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