LINDY HDMI ARC DAC - Converts HDMI ARC to Analogue Audio

£78.66 GBP
SKU 107610

Supports Digital to Analogue audio Conversion (DAC). Extracts the HDMI audio signal from a HDTV's ARC connection and converts it to a line level analogue stereo output. Allows you to connect your ARC output to an older analogue/surround sound system. Supports HDMI audio sampling rates up to 192kHz. Simultaneous sound output on HDMI and Line level output. Supports volume control from the TV's remote control via CEC function. 2 year warranty. The HDMI ARC DAC is designed to extract the audio signal from an HDTV's HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) connection and convert it to an analogue stereo signal. allowing the connection of an HDTV with HDMI-only output to non-HDMI equipped amplifiers. AV receivers or active speakers. It allows you to use newer HDMI equipped displays with older analogue sound systems and amps without replacing them. It supports HDMI audio sampling rates up to 192kHz and analogue stereo (2 CH) audio output.

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