Ivuna RCA Stereo Cable 3.5mm - 0.2m - Male to Female - Black

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Key Features

Audio Adaptor / Extension cable - 0.2 M/Metres

Connector(s) : 1 x mini-stereo 3.5 mm - female and 2 x RCA - male‚

(AWG) 26 RoHS Compliant Cable‚

Gold Plated Connectors (Shielded) with Low signal loss

Colour - Black/White


The‚ NewIvuna‚ RCA L/R (Male) to JACK (Female) Audio Cables- While provides superior signal transfer and corrosion-free‚ connectors .‚ this‚ Gold-plated3.5mm Jack to 2‚ phono speaker‚ cable‚ provides a cleaner signal transfer between your audio output (portable audio player) and speakers.

The New‚ Ivuna RCA Audio Y-Cables from Cablesson‚ allow you to convert a‚ 3.5mm stereo jack to dual RCA plugs.

These cost-effective cables are of higher quality than most standard audio cables giving you crisp clear sound for less.‚ Also‚ the‚ Y splitter cable‚ is capable of connecting one monaural audio source to two monoaural inputs.

Common Use:‚ Audio Cable used for connecting MP3 players laptop or computer audio output to home audio systems or Phono / RCA inputs on TVs as a convenient way to connect existing 3.5mm cables.

Designed in Oxford United Kingdom

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