Cablesson Swiveling HDMI 2.0 Adapter - Male to Female

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Key Features

  • 2 HDMI connectors - Male to Female Type A HDMI Swivelling adapter allows 180 degree rotation. (90 degree Left or Light)
  • Supporting HDMI Version 1.4 / 2.0 features 3D compatible Data transfer of up to 10.2GB/s Supports full HD up to 1080p
  • Gold plated HDMI connectors for better quality connection and corrosion prevention. Sturdy construction lasts long and helps increases lifespan of HDMI cable.
  • Prevents HDMI cables being bent out of shape. Reach angles corners and tight spaces to help create the perfect HDMI ecosystem.
  • Designed in Oxford United Kingdom ¦ HDMI ATC compliance-tested ROHS - Built to Last from Robust Materials


This Cablesson Swivel HDMI Adapter allows positioning from 90 (right angle) to 270 degrees (left angle) when it is connected to an HDMI input. That means 180 degrees in total! Commonly used to allow HDMI cables to be plugged in easily where you may have otherwise been restricted this small and practical item is also great for corners when the Cable would be too thick to bend that much. No stress on your cable means extra durability.
Great for tidying tricky cable routes close to the HDTV and wall and especially useful for easing the strains on the HDMI connectors. The connectors used are HDMI Type A. The type stands for the size of connector used and the amount of pins it has. This type A HDMI is the most commonly used connector and it works with Sky HD Boxes PS3/PS4s Xbox 360/One and most of the HD plasmas and LCD televisions. Also the connectors are gold plated for a higher corrosion resistance making this compact item a durable one.

Designed in Oxford United Kingdom this Adapter is ROHS certified and HDMI ATC compliance-tested.

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