XO FireWire 800 Cable - 2m - 9 pin (male) to 9 pin (male) - IEEE 1394b (Compatible with MAC and PC) - 2 Metres PRO FusionXLS Cable

by XO
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Key Features

Connection Type: IEEE 1394 cable with Triple shielded technology

Length: 2 Metres / 2m

Connector: 2 x 9 pin FireWire 800 - male

Compliant Standards: IEEE 1394b

28awg cable


TheXO IEEE-1394b or FireWire 800 cables (9 pin (male) to 9 pin (male) 800 ) are the latest in FireWire technology.XO FireWire 800 PRO FusionXLS 2m cablesare designed and produced to the highestIEEE-1394b standard and specifications. Deliver you multimedia data in real-time error-free and withdata transfer speeds up to 800Mbps twice the speed of original FireWire. Produced with a special braided and pvc skin enabling the cable to bend easily for durability and flexibility.

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