Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 4 x 2.50mm Multicore Speaker Cable, Black 268-542-000 6 Metre / 6M

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Key Features

Van Damme Black Series Studio Grade Speaker Cable 4 x 2.50mm (13AWG) multicore type overall cable diameter is 10.25mm. Conductor Resistance 7.65 Ohm/Km conductor stranding 50/0.25mm working voltage: 300/500V weight 160 kg/km. Features a matt black jacket for on stage use. Part number: 268-542-000.

Applications: studio monitoring guitar amplifier to speaker and other installations where LS0H (Low smoke zero halogen) is not a requirement.

Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper (UPOFC) conductors for high efficiency signal transmission PVC insulation and special flexible PVC composite jacket.

Please note: 4 x 2.50mm refers to: the four (4) copper conductors which are 2.50mm2 each. According to this the copper conductor?s diameter is ~ 1.78mm.

For this Cable we recommend the following connectors: Bantam plugs Mono / Stereo Jack Plugs Neutrik XLR B-Gauge Connector.


Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable offers a comprehensive conductor size and core count to accommodate almost all potential speaker signals. From 2 core 1.5mm through 8 core 4mm to 18 core 2.5mm the ultra-pure copper conductors cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic use focused construction provide accurate signal transmission toughness and flexibility.

Van Damme Speaker Cable Tour Grade 4 x 2.5mm Multicore

Matt black jacket perfect for on stage use.

2.5mm multi-cores for high power & line array systems

Multicore construction optimised for dynamic use
Ultra-pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity and a high-efficiency signal transmission.

This product is available in variable lengths based on your own needs. The Black Series Tour Grade cable is an official Van Damme product and it comes with a two-years warranty against any manufacturing issues. Your satisfaction is what matters the most!

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