Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 2 x 4.00mm Twin-Axial Speaker Cable, Black 268-545-000 16 Metre / 16M

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Key Features

Van Damme Black Series Studio Grade Speaker Cable 2 x 4.00mm (11AWG) twin-axial type overall cable diameter is 12.40mm. Conductor Resistance 4.50 Ohm/Km conductor stranding 50/0.30mm working voltage: 300/500V weight 230 kg/km. Features a matt black jacket for on stage use. Part number: 268-545-000.

Applications: studio monitoring guitar amplifier to speaker and other installations where LS0H (Low smoke zero halogen) is not a requirement.

Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper (UPOFC) conductors for high efficiency signal transmission PVC insulation and special flexible PVC composite jacket.

Please note: 2 x 4.00mm refers to: the two (2) copper conductors which are 4.00mm2 each. According to this the copper conductor s diameter is ~ 2.26mm.

Recommended connectors: Bantam plugs Mono / Stereo Jack Plugs Neutrik XLR B-Gauge Connector.


Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable offers a comprehensive conductor size and core count to accommodate almost all potential speaker signals. From 2 core 1.5mm through 8 core 4mm to 18 core 2.5mm the ultra-pure copper conductors cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic use focused construction provide accurate signal transmission toughness and flexibility.
Van Damme Speaker Cable Tour Grade 2 x 4mm Twin Axial Black
Matt black jacket for on stage use
4mm multicores for high power & line array systems
Multicore construction optimised for dynamic use
Ultra-pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity

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