Octava HDCATIR-RX-UK HDMI CAT5/6 Receiver with IR Passthru

by Octava
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Key Features


Key Features Supports HDMI v1.3 Full HD 1080p and 3D Ready Octava HD14CATDA Installation accessory: 1 x IR Receiver Extender Cable Octava HDCATIR-RX-UK HDMI CAT5/6 Receiver with IR Pass-thru is HDMI 1.3 compliant for use with Blu-ray 3D and SKY+ HD 3D. The Receiver unit sports screw down lugs to enable secure installation in AV Racks or behind Source and Display equipment. Our PoC (Power Over Cable) Zone Receivers are powered by the Distribution Amplified so no unsightly/bulky 'wall wart' to hide at the rear of your Display device. Connect the PoC Zone Receivers to the Distribution Amp using 2 x CAT5 or preferably CAT6 cables and deliver HDMI to your 'remote' Display devices with an IR return path back to your Source from each Zone. The HDCATIR-RX-UK Receiver is the ideal partner product for the Octava HD14CATDA/3 Distribution Amp over Twisted pair Matrix switch units. Connect the HDCATIR-RX-UK via 2 x CAT5e or CAT6 cables to any of the dual RJ45 Outputs of the Matrix and deliver HDMI (Video and Audio) to the remote Zone plus send IR back to your Source device via the Matrix. The idea behind such a label is to reassure you the consumer that a product that you are purchasing will be capable of meeting the hardware requirements so as to display HD or in the case of 3D-Ready 3D content without requiring any additional hardware or upgrades. Note: The receiver is to be used with Octava HD14CATDA/4-UK Distribution Amp

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