Cablesson Apple Mini DVI to HDMI Cable Adapter Converter - White

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Key Features

  • Cablesson Mini-DVI (male) to HDMI (female / Full size 19 pin Type A) adapter cable *** NOTE: This does NOT fit Mini DisplayPort connections Check your port It may have a Mini Displayport connection for which we also have an adapter available
  • For Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / Mac Mini / iMac with Mini DVI Connection *Please check that your Mac has a Mini DVI connection and NOT a Mini Displayport connection. It may have a Mini Displayport connection for which we also have an adapter (ASIN: B002WSM2N6)
  • Plug and Play - no installation Software Required; therefore Easily Connect you apply to a television with an HDMI connection
  • Supports Video-Mirroring & Extended desktop modes. ZERO LOSS Full HD performance.
  • Length: 20cm / Colour: White


The Cablesson Mini-DVI to HDMI Adapter is designed for the iMac (Intel Core Duo) and the 12-inch PowerBook G4 plus other devices with a Mini-DVI output allowing you to connect to an external HDMI monitor with an HDMI Input.

This is a great solution for using your HDTV to watch movies directly on your TV from your Apple MacBook or iMac Computer. You won't lose any quality using this Cablesson Mini-DVI to HDMI Adapter as it is one of the few that is FULL HD 1080p rated.

The signal is kept digital and when connecting the Cablesson Mini-DVI to HDMI Adapter to an HD LCD TV the picture will look fantastic.
Apple Macs now have a Mini-DVI Output and a Mini DisplayPort Output. Read your manual on what you have before you buy this adapter.

This Cablesson Male Mini-DVI to Female HDMI Adapter has one 32 pin mini-DVI Male and one 19-pin HDMI Female connector allowing the video signal from a mini DVI like an Apple MacBook or iMac Computer and output it to an HDMI equipped TV set or A/V Receiver.

This adapter will allow you to use HDMI cables with the Mini-DVI port found on some laptop computers. For connecting any HDMI equipped display including most HDTV's projectors and digital monitors

NOTE: This product passes video only.

Designed in the Oxford United Kingdom

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