Merlin Vibro Mini Speaker - White (Magical Speaker)

by Merlin
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Key Features

Try it with paper cardboard plastic wood and more. And get this - when used with a corrugated cardboard box it delivers high quality sound like using a sub-woofer.


Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Vibro Mini - a tiny device that deploys highly effective vibration-based technologies to effectively convert any flat hard surface into a quality audio speaker. Now read that again out loud - and think of the implications. Now as everything from pizza boxes to juice cartons becomes a speaker hearing will indeed be believing. Anything that meets Vibro Mini can become a speaker. It's instant. It's incredible. And it actually works. So now you can take your sounds with you - and make the humblest piece of inanimate furniture a throbbing sound system. Simply slide the back off the speaker unravel the attachment and stick it onto any surface (it comes with a Magic 'PU' sticker to make attachment easy). Then plug in your music player to the included jack and you're off. Rockin' on down. You can connect it to any device with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack like mp3 players laptops and handheld consoles. And it is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that can be recharged easily via USB- the possibilities are endless. Suddenly portable music's been turned on its head. And with a Vibro MINI in your pocket you'll be able to turn quite a few heads too.

Standard Output 1W
Max Output 2W
Resistance 2 ? ±15%
Frequency 50~20kHz
Operation Temp. -10oC~50oC
Input Plug Audio Jack (3.5mm)

Power Booster Specification:
Dimension W66 x D16xH15/mm
Max Output 2W (2?)
Frequency 50~20kHz
SN ratio 95db above
Length ~75cm

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