LINDY HDMI over Gigabit IP Video Wall Extender. Receiver

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Supports Unicast. Multicast and Video Wall modes. Video Wall mode supports screen arrays from 1x2. ??2x2 to 8x8. HDMI signal extension over a Gigabit LAN. Ability to cascade up to 3 layers of network switches. Features Video Tearing and Display Bezel correction. HDMI with HDCP support. 480i up to 1080p60@8bit supported. not 3D capable??. Transmitter and Receiver units sold separately. 2 Year Warranty. ?? Please note: Because of bandwidth requirements these video broadcasts should use their own dedicated network connections or should be used in a separate port based VLAN. This HDMI over Gigabit IP Video Wall Extender allows you to distribute an HDMI signal up to 1080p??via RJ-45 cable up to 100m or through an ethernet network??to multiple??displays. Perfect for digital signage. public display and large scale presentations these extenders convert the HDMI signal to IP broadcast signals. Network devices can be used to distribute the signals. These extenders support 1-to-1 (Unicast). 1-to-many (Multicast). many-to-many (Multicast) and video wall (2x2 up to 8x8) configurations. with??Transmitter??and Receivers available separately to give you the??maximum flexibility in your installation. In Unicast mode a??Transmitter??is used with a single Receiver. this can be via a direct connection or via a Gigabit network.??When using a Gigabit network it is possible to simultaneously use up to 4 pairs of??Transmitter??and Receiver. by??setting different pairing codes on each Transmitter and Receiver pairing. In Multicast mode a??Transmitter??can be connected to up to 1000 Receivers via a Gigabit network with hubs supporting IGMP and??Snooping functions. or via a dedicated Gigabit network. In addition. up to 4 Transmitters may be used simultaneously on a single network. each connected to up to 1000 Receivers. again by setting different pairing codes on each??Transmitter??and Receiver group pairing. In video Wall mode a??Transmitter??is connected to multiple Receivers via a Gigabit network with hubs supporting IGMP and??Snooping functions and configured by Web GUI into a video wall. It is possible to create a video wall from 2x1. 2x2 up to 8x8. all of which can be duplicated multiple times across a network.

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