Cablesson Mini DisplayPort Extension Cable Thunderbolt Male to Female - 2m

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Key Features

  • Compact Female to Male Mini DisplayPort extension cable. Essential extension lead for your Apple LED Cinema Display/monitor Mini DisplayPort cable - Also available in 1m and 3m from our Amazon storefront.
  • 8.64 Gbit/s forward link channel supports high resolution and monitors up to 2560x1600 with a single cable. Compatible with the new Apple hardware as long as Mini-DisplayPort is Apple's connector of choice.
  • DisplayPort Content Protection (DPCP) and Digital Content Protection (HDCP) from version 1.1 onwards. Connects an Apple LED Cinema Display with any MacBook Mac Pro iMac or Mac Mini.
  • Note that this adapter is Mini DisplayPort to HDMI and will not convert from HDMI to Mini DisplayPort (e.g.: to display a PS4 on an iMac with video in via Mini DP port.).
  • Length: 2m / 2 Metre Colour: White. With an improved design, this extension cable is an official Cablesson product designed in the Oxford United Kingdom.


Cablesson's Mini Displayport (Thunderbolt)Extension Cable‚ is the perfect solution for‚ extending the connection from your new Apple Cinema Display to your new generation Macbook Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. The‚ Cablesson Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt)Extension Cable‚ is compatible with‚ Apple's Mini-DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) products‚ and will be in Apples typical gloss white color to match your Apple products. Now you can easily connect the‚ new Apple LED Cinema Display‚ at longer distances from your computer
Our‚ Cablesson Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) Extension Cables‚ features‚ a female and designed to‚ connect to the Apple LED Cinema Display‚ and‚ a male end‚ designed to‚ connect to any new MacBook MacBook Pro MacBook Air Mac Pro iMac or Mac Mini.
These cables will also be‚ compatible with new Apple hardware as long as Mini-DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) is Apple's connector of choice.
These extension cables can also be used with our‚ Cablesson Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to DVI adapter Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt)to HDMI adapter or Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt)to VGA adapter to connect‚ to any type of display such as a projector HDTV or non-Apple monitor.

Note:‚ The‚ Mini DisplayPort‚ (Thunderbolt)to HDMI adapter‚ has improved and will carry sound for the newer models‚ (from Mid Apri 2010)‚ Check Apple's site if your Mac will carry sound from‚ Mini DisplayPort(Thunderbolt). (Enable HDMI Audio on your Mac).
This Cable is also compatible with‚ PCs‚ and other equipment that have‚ Mini DisplayPort(Thunderbolt)as well as‚ Apple Macs.

Designed in the Oxford United Kingdom

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