Cablesson Active HDMI to VGA Adapter - Male to Female - Micro USB Power

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Key Features

  • The HDMI converter to VGA connects your new NoteBook laptop DVD TV without VGA interface to projector display LCD TV & Monitor in old model with VGA interface only for big screen viewing. Features 1 HDMI (19 pins) male input and 1 VGA (15 pins) female output and a 3.5mm audio output (VGA output and HDMI input).
  • Supports full-size high-definition resolution of 720p or 1080p for HD monitors and projectors. HDCP enabled. Supports MHL. Need to use an additional high-speed HDMI cable. HDMI in VGA out (note this converter VGA is not bidirectional). This HDMI audio converter supports HDMI 1.4/1.3.
  • HDMI to VGA monitor converter comes with built-in chipset converts HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal. This active HDMI to VGA adapter offers a compact and portable solution for connecting a VGA display. The HDMI port adapter to VGA will work with devices that have HDMI high-speed port OUT.
  • The Cablesson HDMI and VGA converter has a plug and play construction powered by HDMI no external power adapter required. The HDMI converter VGA has gold-plated connectors to resist corrosion provide rigidity and improve the signal performance of the HDMI into VGA conversion. Black
  • The HDMI VGA converter is compatible with set-top boxes Graphic cards desktop laptop Ultrabook HDMI notebook Intel Nuc Macbook Pro Raspberry Pi Chromebook Apple TV Roku streaming media player cable box or other devices with HDMI port. This VGA and HDMI converter comes with 2 years warranty.


Cablesson came into existence in the world renowned city of Oxford United Kingdom and is led by a team of young tech-loving and innovative individuals. We are premier manufacturers of high-quality HIGH DEFINITION cables components and accessories for consumer electronics products. As a result, we continuously strive to give you the best combination of a valuable product and impeccable customer service.

This Cablesson Active HDMI to VGA Male to Female Adapter with Micro USB Power is a high-quality HDMI to VGA Converter Cable from Cablesson making it possible to convert the digital output signal of an HDMI connection into an analog signal for a VGA monitor input. The Active HDMI to VGA Adapter has a Built-in Active IC chip converts digital HDMI signal into analog VGA video (PC HDMI Adapter).

The input signal is converted into the output signal 1:1 and in high quality. The practical adapter is compatible with HDMI 1.4 2.0 2.0a 2.0b and 2.1. The HDMI output reproduces both a video and an audio signal. As the VGA input can only process a video signal however the adapter is also supplied with a 3.5 mm line-out socket. You can tap into the audio signal separately by means of a jack cable and send it to an audio reproduction device of your choice (surround-sound system stereo system line-in on PC or Notebook active loudspeakers).

  • Gold Plated HDMI Connector.
  • HDMI to VGA adapter cable.
  • HDCP-enabled.
  • Suitable for: Wii Xbox 360 Xbox one PS3 / PS4 Skybox Sky Q Tivo Box Blu ray player BT TV Satellite TV Satellite Receiver Digital Satellite Receiver Samsung Chromebook Macbook.
  • Available Colours: Black and White
  • 2 Years (24 Months) warranty.
  • Designed in Oxford. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Small and convenient

    Needed to convert VGA to HDMI, and this did the trick, its small and convenient, and great quality.

    golda bogisich

    Great product..perfect fit for my new laptop to my older large VGA monitor. Picture is perfect and very easy to install - I have zero technical skills and this was very easy for me LOVE IT!

    arthur cole

    Used to connect a laptop with HDMI output to an old but in excellent condition Dell monitor with VGA input. The conversion works flawlessly and the view on the monitor is excellent.

    coty kunze
    Good Quality

    Seems of good quality, Fast delivery,

    tod hauck
    Good adapter

    Used this adaptor to connect my laptop to LED monitor with VGA port. Works seamlessly & perfectly!

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