Cablesson - HDMI REPEATER 4K@60HZ 2.0 HDMI Signal Booster - 3D Repeater Amplifier UHD HDCP HDMI female to HDMI female - up to 40m

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Key Features

HDMI Repeater by Cablesson - Boosts maximum HDMI cable length up to around 40m for 4K video signals

No external power source required powered by the HDMI connection

HDMI 2.0; 3D 4Kx2K@30Hz 4K2K@60Hz YUV4:4:4(depending on the HDMI cable monitor andyour system); HDCP 1.4& 2.2; 18 Gbps

Easy to install and to connect. Operation frequency: up to 600MHz

With gold plated ports for superior signal quality and no corrosion.


Cablesson?came into existence in the world renowned city of?Oxford United Kingdom?and is led by a team of young tech-loving and innovative individuals.We?are premier manufacturers of?high quality?HIGH DEFINITION?cables components?and?accessories for consumer electronics products. As a result we continuously strive to give you the best combination of a valuable product and impeccable customer service.

A new addition to the Cablesson family the 4k HDMI repeater can connect HDMI cables up to 40m (combined length) extending the transmission range and preventing the degradation of the signal. For 4k resolution this repeater works best with cables of up to 15m (combined length). Easy to connect and to install this device supports:
  • HDMI 2.0 resolutions up to 4K @60Hz (HDMI 2.0 with HD audio)
  • DTS-HD Dolby True DTS Dolby-AC3 and DSD audio formats
  • Data transfer rate 3.4Gbps (single link)
    • Input/output resolution:
    • HD: 480i@60Hz 576i@50Hz 480p@60Hz 1080p@50Hz
    • 1080p@60Hz 1080i@50Hz 1080p@30Hz 1080p@25Hz 1080p@24Hz 2160P@30Hz 2160P@60HZ
With golded plated connectors for a superior signal quality.

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