Cablesson HDElity HDMI 1.4 Audio Extractor & Mixer - 7.1ch

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Key Features

Able to prevent PC from deactivating inactive HDMI/DVI ports HDCP compliant* Conversion from HDCP-protected signal is NOT supported.

Support HDMI Deep Colour & 3D / DVI 1.1 compliant

Able to read and store the EDID of displays (monitors or projectors) Able to overwrite the EDID into the EDID Reader/Writer/Re-timer or the HDMI displays

Built-in default EDID Able to maintain HDMI/DVI video resolution

Re-synthesizes input HDMI stream and maintains or improves signal integrity.


The Cablesson HDElity HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor & Mixer offers the highest HDMI 1.3 / 1.4 with 3D and Deep color compatibility on the market.
This unique device supports the separation of high quality stereo analogue audio and digital S/PDIF audio from the incoming HDMI signal without losing any active audio channels from the audio bit-stream and also makes HDMI audio more friendly to your audio systems with only stereo support such as TV and Stereo speakers.
The HDElity HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor and Mixer is also designed to co-work with any HDMI Matrix in the market to make different audio capacity HDMI equipped devices can work with multi-channel HDMI embedded audio at the same time!
With patented circuit inside the box this HDElity Audio Extractor and Mixer can down mix 2/5.1/7.1 PCM audio into stereo without losing any audio channel.

Note: only supports 2/5.1/7.1 ch PCM or LPCM multi-channel audio down-mix. Other than these formats the analogue stereo audio may be either silent or noisy! Please configure the audio packets in HDMI source carefully

Designed in Oxford United Kingdom

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