Cablesson HDelity HDBaseT Extender 100m - With Ethernet

by HDElity
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Key Features

  • HDBaseT Extender for HDMI uses one Cat.5E/Cat.6/Cat.7 cable to HDMI signal up to 328 feet (100 meters) away from the source. It supports 3D and 4K and high bit-rate audio format.
  • This 4k HDBaseT Extender supports 12-bit Deep Color and 2.5Gbps/250MHz per channel. HDCP compliant. Supports audio formats LPCM, DTS Digital, Dolby Digital including DTS-HD and Dolby True HD
  • This is the perfect solution for reliable, plug-and-play HD distribution. Extend output from the HDMI signal of your Sky Q, Sky +, Sky HD, BT, Virgin, Tivo boxes, Apple TV, Fire TV, PS4/3, Xbox One/360, WII, DVD, Blu Ray player, Laptop, PC and any other devices with a HDMI port to your 4k TV or display
  • This HDMI switch selector has 24K gold plated connectors for a perfect HDMI connection. Clear EYE design optimizes HDMI signal transmission. This HDMI distribution amplifier is certified CEC and RoHS.
  • The Cablesson HDBaseT Extender is perfect to use with LCD, LED, UHD, Super HD 4k TVs such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, Sharp, Philips and more.


Cablesson came into existence in the world renowned city of Oxford, United Kingdom and is led by a team of young, tech-loving and innovative individuals.We are premier manufacturers of high quality HIGH DEFINITION cables, components and accessories for consumer electronics products. As a result, we continuously strive to give you the best combination of a valuable product and impeccable customer service.

The Cablesson HDelity HDBaseT 100m Extender uses a new technology, which allows for a full bandwidth 10.2Gbps data throughput over a single Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 cables. The full 10.2Gbps bandwidth means that it supports all High Speed HDMI functions, including all HDMI 3D video modes, the extended 4K cinema resolution, 32-bit Deep Color, and high-definition compressed lossless audio, such as DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD.The Cablesson extender supports bidirectional infrared (IR) signals, which allows you to remotely control devices at the source or destination end of the connection.Â

  • Additionally, the extender is capable of transmitting a full-duplex 100Mbps local area network connection alongside the HDMI and IR signals. Each extender unit has two RJ45 LAN jacks. As long as one of the four jacks is connected to the network, the other three will propagate the network connection.
  • This allows you to wire another room for HDMI video, IR remote control repeating, and full internet access, using only a single Cat cable!
  • Gold plated connectors.
  • Extends HDMI signals up to 328 feet (100 metres) using a single Cat6 cable
  • Can be daisy chained up to six units deep
  • With 2 port LAN network (100Base-T)
  • Support bi directional IR and RS232
  • Supports all High Speed HDMI functions, including 3D video
  • 2 Years (24 Months) warranty.
  • Designed in Oxford.

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