Cablesson Mini DisplayPort + TOSLINK Digital Audio to HDMI 1.3b Adapter Cable

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Key Features

Full HD Video and 5.1 Digital TOSLINK AUDIO (via audio / headphones OUT port on the Mac) from Apple Mac to TV over a single HDMI cable

Supplied with a Special fiber cable and Powered from Mini DisplayPort and USB Port.

True HDMI 1.3 chipset enables highest quality resolution support up to 1080p deep colour

Supports uncompressed 5.1 channel audio such as LPCM and DTS Digital and Dolby Digital

Compliant with RoHS CE and FCC regulations and Supports 12 Bit per channel 36 bit all channels)


The Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) + USB +Toslink Audio to HDMI Adapter from Cablesson is an adapter cable that allows you to convert Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt)video and optical S/PDIF audio into an HDMI signal that carries both. As we know Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) onold models of MacBooks can only transmit video signal but no audio.
However this unique designed adapter solves this trouble for MAC users. The adapter is designed for use with the MacBook MacBook Pro Mac mini and iMac as it features the Mini-TOSLINK connector for digital audio that is found on those computers. It connects to a USB port to draw power eliminating the need for an external power supply.

Designed in Oxford United Kingdom

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