What is an AOC Cable

Active Optical Cables

The active optical cables are devices that facilitate the transmission of high data transfer rates on longer distances (up to 300m). An AOC cable translates the signals into lasers light pulses, which get carried over optical fibre, from one device to another.
They are an alternative to the conventional DAC cables (Direct Attach Copper), which allows you to get better signal transmitted from source to display. The demand for AOC cables is increasing every day, as they are required in data centres and multiple other businesses.

Why an AOC cable is better than a standard copper cable

If a better signal transmission on a longer distance doesn’t convince you, keep in mind that an AOC cable is much lighter and thinner than a regular copper cable, making it easier to store and to organise, plus more flexible and resistant on the long run.

Even though the copper cables are cheaper, they are not suitable for longer distances and using multiple shorter cables inter-connected might be inefficient. The AOC cables, on the other hand, can help you simplify the setup, using just one wire to transfer the data.

Plus, they reduce the power consumption, increasing the bandwidth.

How to use an AOC Cable

Source & Display

Due to the fact that the Active optical cable requires to convert the signal into light pulses, the signal transmission will be uni-directional, which means that the connectors need to be properly connected to the relevant devices. To facilitate this, the AOC cables should mention on their connectors which one is the plug that gets connected to the source and which is used for the display.

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