Cablesson - Slim Pack - Reusable Releasable Hook and Loop Nylon Self-Gripping Cable Ties

£5.95 GBP

Key Features

Pack of 10 cable ties (20 30 50 and 100 packs in Black Blue Grey and White colours are available) chunky and flat cable ties made of velcro and nylon. Can be used for any type of cable.

Velcro cable ties strap and keep wire and audio visual cable tidy. Easy to use - easy fastening cable ties. Applies to situations where you have tangling cables running down behind your computer/cable TV area and more.

The Cablesson reusable velcro ties are perfect to use as a cable organiser to arrange and organise audio phone or computer cables. Compact and small easy to carry.

Made from a self-attaching durable material and are ideal for use at home work or on the road. Improve performance by using cable ties can improve system performance as power cables can be held away from audio video cables.

Cablesson brand and British design. The wire ties will safely secure and protect your cables. Black wire ties.


Cablesson came into existence in the world renowned city of Oxford United Kingdom and is led by a team of young tech-loving and innovative individuals. We are premier manufacturers of high-quality HIGH DEFINITION cables components and accessories for consumer electronics products. As a result, we continuously strive to give you the best combination of a valuable product and impeccable customer service.

Messy Cables?

Put an end to the cable mess! The Cablesson Cable Ties come in a pack of 10 20 30 50 and 100 in Black Blue Grey and White colors to let you tie up all sorts of cables and keep them organized. The simple one-piece design wraps onto itself for a secure hold which single-handedly prevents having untidy cable runs.
  • Chunky Velcro cable ties.
  • 25cm long.
  • A must-have accessory.
  • Cable management.
  • Organizes cables to reduce accidents.
  • Available: Blister packed in 10's '20s 30's 50's and 100's. (Black Blue Grey and White colors available).
  • Designed in Oxford.

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